Boulder Cove LOVES animals and kids. We have lots of wildlife and bunnies for the kids to cuddle with.


Mr Cheeks who has been an inside bunny (litter box trained) for the last 5 years really likes his new home with his new best friends.


You don't get any cuter than a bunny rabbit.

sadie loves

Okay, kids AND bunnies can be cuter

baby black ducks

A mother black duck and her babies

mother squirrel

Balancing on the first tree limb out of the dogs reach.

more bunnies

More bunnies


He sat on the office door for days. I didn't charge him for his visit.

traveling turtle

He was a lot faster than I had imagined a turtle could run. They're fast little suckers for carrying their house on their back


Although fun to see, can do a lot of damage to a car so you have to be careful when driving in the evenings.


Three loons which live in Birchtown Bay. Most nights you can hear them talking to each other.


Black ducks down to Carleton Village Beach.

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