Pubnico Cottage

An undiscovered history, Shelburne County was once home to Acadians who came to live here as early as 1612. In 1653 Philippe Mius d'Entremont was made baroner of the area where he began building the village of  Pombcoup (it's Micmac name), today known as Pubnico. Over the years the French population (later known as Acadians) grew from Pubnico to Barrington and some even attempted to settle in Shelburne Harbour. But in 1756 all the Acadians in the area were deported only to return ten years later to find that English Planters had taken over their abandoned properties. Pubnico West was the only area not inhabited by the English so the returning founding families decided to live there. Pubnico is now the oldest Acadian settlement in Nova Scotia. It is rich in Acadian culture and makes a great day trip for the family.
As for the cottage, it is our BARRIER FREE cottage and, ironically, the only two story cottage on the property. Since government regulations call for a larger bathroom in a barrier free cottage one of the bedrooms had to be moved upstairs. Tastefully decorated in an Acadian theme, this cottage  boasts the best view of  Shelburne Harbour, which in the summer time is busy with sailing and fishing activity.

outside, front

patio view


This cottage now has an electric fireplace where this rocking chair is.

kitchen window


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