Boulder Cove Cottages This Winter....

   Lobster Season, Romantic Weekend getaways, Live Theatre at the Osprey Arts Centre, Friday Night Hootenanny's (live music), Award winning Lobster Shack Restaurant, Dog Friendly and some great ocean views; all great reasons to come visit us down on the South Shore this winter.
   Shelburne County is always hosting an event so there will be lots to do while you're here. We have a live Theatre, chowder suppers, community breakfasts, shoreline drives, beach combing deserted beaches, walking trails for those who are abitious enough to go outside or want to bring the family pet, Spa Retreats Romance packages and we're dog friendly here at the cottages.
And check out our Facebook page for more pictures. Please see our  events page for more information about what is going on across the county.

The following are some property pics and some are from around Shelburne County.
Remember "We Never Let You Forget You're on Vacation"
 Just click on the picture to see a larger view.    
To see pictures of the inside of each cottage please go to our Cottages page

dumpingday       Winter Activities     fallsunrise     sunriseloon    Pubnico cottage    McNutts   

 harboursunrise    rocklogo  shoreline     falldriveway     eagleisland                                                       fallriver   surfer    tableman    Lockeportfall     falldeer    playground          ghost?         dawn 

path   road      waterline     stream

 workers     spring deer     Churchover   chair view

island sunset         animals    bubblebath

       waterview     hammock reading    waterview    beach pics

birthdayparty      meetingroompics     a dogs view    Carleton Village Beach     

movienite   founders days        Cape Roseway         oldtimephoto    cloverfield

       Lockeport Cottage     campfire        

PLayground                Fall pictures


      Loons in the Bay     A spring Day        Tapping the Maple Trees
                              Loons on the Bay                                          A Spring Hammock Day                                        Tapping the Maple Trees

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