Cape Roseway Cottage

The Cape Roseway cottage boasts the best views of Shelburne Harbour. With large mature oak, birch and pine trees the view also looks down on your campfire pit set beside the ocean. Guests enjoy watching  the kingfisher birds in the summer months swooping down to catch the mackerel that swim by. Or in the winter months watching the Whistler ducks swimming in groups of thirty or more. Named after the Lighthouse where "Dad Van Buskirk" grew up on McNutt's Island in Shelburne Harbour. McNutt's Island makes a great day trip if the water taxi is available (ask when you check in).
    It's always fun to read the guests books in each cottage and learn about some of the experiences guests have had in the cottage.
Rowena and Keith wrote in July 2005, "Boulder Cove and Shelburne are beautiful. Even though we only had one night stay we have experienced so much. Swimming, boating, campfires, BBQ's. Just an amazing time."



Stephen from Halifax wrote "As a contractor. I'm amazed at the amount of space. Two or Three more cottages could have fit easily (between each cottage). Thank goodness they didn't do that! It's so peaceful here. the worst thing about this place is that we have to leave."




Imagine the lights dimmed, the bubbles bubbling and the hot water relaxing your muscles. Ahhhhhhh........



Your view from the front patio

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