Birchtown Cottage

    Named after the area it over looks, the Birchtown cottage is themed with our Black Loyalist history. During the American Revolution slaves were promised freedom and land if they helped the British fight the rebels. When the war ended in 1783 those former slaves who were promised land were sent here to Shelburne Harbour. Helping them get to Shelburne from New York was a man by the name of General Birch. When the 1500 Blacks reached this new land they named the area they were given after the General. Having come from the warmer climate of the south with a background in farming, these slaves were coldly and thoughtlessly given the rocky, uncultivated soil of Birchtown (we don't call it BOULDER Cove just because it's catchy). For years these former slaves had nothing and received no help from the governing bodies. It is a fascinating story of strength and perseverance that is all told in the little schoolhouse museum in Birchtown. To learn more see our activities page. In short, the cottage features a skylight over the large airjet tub, perfect for watching the falling stars. The Lockeport and Birchtown cottages are perfect for guests wishing to book two cottages, as they are the closest together.

Birchtown cottage view

Here is a picture of the view from the cottage as the sun sets behind the horizon.







kitchen window

patio window

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